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Our Kids Network Neighbourhood Profiles

The neighbourhood profiles provide local data for 27 neighbourhoods across Halton. They provide an integrated and detailed picture of the well-being of children 0 to 12 years-old and their families. Use the profiles to learn more about Halton neighbourhoods, and to identify concerns and opportunities to better support children and their families.

Data sources for the Neighbourhood Profiles include:

  • Statistics Canada (2016)
  • Early Development Instrument (2015)
  • Education and Accountability Office (2015/2016)
  • IntelliHEALTH Ontario (2015/2016)
  • Kindergarten Parent Survey (2018)
  • Tell Them From Me/OurSCHOOL Elementary School Survey (2015/2016)

What is a neighbourhood?

OKN neighbourhoods map
Our Kids Network partners, researchers, and community professionals have identified 27 different neighbourhoods for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and sharing important local research - one the hallmarks of OKN’s work in Halton. The neighbourhoods’ borders reflect Statistics Canada census boundaries, and natural, transportation, municipal, regional boundaries. 

Each neighbourhood must have at least 50 children who are 5 years old. The neighbourhood boundaries must be meaningful and recognizable to the community residents.

OKN Neighbourhood Profile Data Glossary

  1. Acton
  2. Aldershot
  3. Central Burlington
  4. Central East Burlington
  5. Central West Burlington
  6. East Milton
  7. Escarpment
  8. Glen Abbey
  9. Lower East Milton
  10. North Bronte Oakville
  11. North Burlington
  12. North Central Oakville
  13. North East Oakville
  14. North Georgetown
  15. River Oaks
  16. Rural North Halton
  17. South Central Burlington
  18. South Central Milton
  19. South Central Oakville
  20. South East Burlington
  21. South East Oakville
  22. South Georgetown
  23. South West Oakville
  24. The Orchard
  25. Upper East Milton
  26. Upper Glen Abbey
  27. West Milton